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The karate girl with black belt



Considered to be the most popular martial art in the world with over 70 million practitioners in over 200 countries, Taekwondo is an unarmed Korean Martial Art that has a proud and ancient history that can trace its roots to before the birth of Christ. Officially introduced as an Olympic sport in 2000, Taekwondo continues to be relevant in our ever changing modern world, and to this day, is even used by the South Korean military and other nations worldwide as part of their training regimes.

Taekwondo is admired for its wide range of high, powerful kicks, intense hand strike combinations, and strong defense techniques. It’s suitable for people of any age and gender, and unbeknownst to most, because of all the safety equipment and precautions observed during training, Taekwondo is actually safer than most conventional sports.

The word ‘Tae Kwon Do’ roughly translates to ‘Kicking, Punching, Way of Life.’While most people are aware of the physical benefits such as the self defense skills learnt with Taekwondo, most are unaware that at the core of it, Taekwondo goes beyond are a mere physical skill set, and transcends into a philosophy and way of life, as the ‘Do’ in Taekwondo implies. 

The ultimate goal of Taekwondo is self improvement and enlightenment through discipline of the mind and conditioning of the body. Development of moral character is a natural outcome of the training process. Self discipline,humility, courage, respect and compassion are all necessary and vital components that must be mastered hand in hand with the physical aspects of Taekwondo.


Unlike other martial art styles of training, earning a black belt through an accredited dojang of Taekwondo means that you’ve earned a belt that will be recognized internationally in all corners of the globe by the World Taekwondo Federation, not just a belt that is only valid with the school that you had trained with. Once you’ve achieved black belt status, you can shoot your sights on even competing in the Olympics one day – the possibilities are only limited by your ambition and determination.

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