KTigers Instructors are all World Taekwondo Federation accredited Black Belt and Master Instructors trained to make Taekwondo training fun, safe and educational. We offer over 6 classes per day in our large, mat covered, air conditioned classrooms. We define a good class as one in which the students are  smiling, sweating and learning. We do our best everyday to empower our students to become the best they possibly can.

Furthermore, an additional benefit to training with KTigers Taekwondo versus other schools of various martial art styles is that  once you’ve achieved black belt status, your belt will be recognized internationally and with all schools and Teakwondo associations - you’d even be qualified to try out for the Olympic Games. It’s a sad reality that a lot of other martial arts studios out there that have no affiliation with certification organizations because they are simply not qualified; after rigorous training, their students have received a black belt in name only that is non transferable and unrecognized by any other associations or martial arts schools. 

To put it into perspective, it's like attending college and working towards earning a degree, only to find out that the university you were attending isn't really an accredited school. Nobody will recognize your degree because the curriculum was bubkes and nobody knows what you really learned! You would never dream of sending yourself or your kids to a school that had teachers that weren't qualified to teach, and a curriculum that was questionable. Certifications and affiliations may sound like nothing more than frivolous 'bragging', but it  ensures that our students have the peace of mind of knowing that they're learning from qualified, exceptional instructors that are teaching a curriculum of substance, integrity, and authenticity - real, legitimate taekwondo, and nothing but. 

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