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Chalkboard writing_ Ying yang symbol


In taekwondo the circle of the Um & Yang symbol represents the unity of the forces in the universe. This unity is made up of two opposite but complimentary forces which we find in every object and every process. They are the forces of light and darkness, of left and right, of ebb and  flow, positive and negative, male and female, matter and anti-matter, good and evil. We see them in the change of the seasons, in the movements of the tides, and in the existence of a harmonic  universe. The things that cannot exist without the other, they are the Um &  Yang; both are necessary in the universe and in our lives. 

The boundary between these forces creates the harmony and balance from which everything is created. Um & Yang are symbolic of eternal change and the natural rhythms of life. The symbol for them is not static. It is kinetic and flowing. It depicts a serene cycle of constant  flux.

When preparing your Um and Yang essay, don't simply write out the above description. Do your own independent research and come up with your own examples of Um and Yang. You essay should be at least 2 paragraphs long or it will not be accepted for testing. 

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