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The karate girl with black belt
Karate Practice



In addition to the usual rules of etiquette, we follow some rules that are specific to the dojang. These rules are based on traditional Korean values of respect and courtesy.

1. Arrive to class 10 minutes prior to your scheduled class time and get your attendance card. Students that are late may not be allowed to enter the class. If you arrive late to class, you must wait for the instructor to invite you to join the class.

2. NO FOOD IN THE SCHOOL. Do not chew gum or eat in the school. Drinks are allowed only in the waiting area.

3. NO SMOKING in or near the dojang premises. Anyone under influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted on the school premises. 

4. Respond to all instructor questions with "Yes Ma'am" or "Yes Sir". Instructors are to be referred to as “Master ____” or “Sa-bom-nim.”

5. Students must return all training equipment to its original position after use.

6. All students must address Black Belts as “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Senior belts are to be referred to as “Sun-bae-nim”, while junior belts are called “Who-bae-nim.” This is to show respect and also to help develop humbleness.

7. The Dojang is a “House of Discipline.” Loud talking, playing, rowdy behavior, foul language, etc. will not be tolerated in the school.

8. All students are expected to be considerate and well-behaved. Adult students are expected to set a good example to junior students; advanced students are expected to set a good example to new students and to help such students whenever necessary.

9. Shoes are not allowed on the mats – students are to practice barefoot.

10. You must wear all the required school code equipment in order to spar. All students require instructor approval in order to engage in free sparring. 

11. Students are expected to practice good personal hygiene. In particular, with trimming sharp fingernails and toenails. No jewelry may be worn during class. Make sure your feet are CLEAN before stepping onto the mats and always wear a clean taekwondo uniform to class.

12. If during class, a student’s Dobok (uniform) becomes messed up, he or she should turn his or her back to the flags or to the instructor or to their partner before straightening their Dobok (uniform).

13. All students must Bow to the flags when entering or leaving the Dojang. This is to show respect for the place where we build our character and strength.

14. If a student fails to conduct him or herself in an acceptable manner, either in or out of class, or a student’s actions bring dishonor upon this school or Tae Kwon-Do as an art, the school reserves the right to withdraw any rank which the student may have earned.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend a minimum of two classes each week. If you miss any classes, you may make them up the same week, or in special circumstances, the following week. Please refer to the class schedule to see which classes are appropriate for your rank level. Students are not allowed to attend classes that are not designated for their age and skill level.

KTigers Taekwondo is closed for all national holidays. We do not close for spring break, however, we do close the last week of December and the first week of July for winter and Summer Breaks. If the weather is not permitting and we need to cancel classes, we will send you an email and phone message. Please be sure to pick up our monthly newsletter for updates on all monthly events and closures as well as check the website for announcements. Tuition is not subject to adjustment for closures.


In the event of a school closure or break, we make every attempt possible to offer makeup Little Ninja and Little Tiger classes as the class times for these two programs is extremely limited. For all our regular programming, a specific makeup day will not be offered as the expectation is that you should be able to make up a class before or after our breaks during our regular 5 day a week class offerings. 

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