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Sign up for a 6-week introductory course that will serve as the perfect introduction to Taekwondo. During these 6 weeks, our integrated curriculum will focus on basic movements and proper stances, all while improving core strength, flexibility, and dexterity. Students will explore age-appropriate self-defense techniques that can be utilized in everyday life. Activities within our classes vary weekly, and our curriculum is always catered with the age and maturity of our students in mind.


Space into our 6-week introductory courses is limited to the first 30 enrollees, so reserve your spot ASAP. Students ages 5 1/2 and up will have access to up to two classes a week during the 6-week course. Our youngest students who attend our Little Ninja's classes(ages 5 and under) will have access to one class a week. 


The first lesson of your 6-week course does need to be booked in advance. After your online registration, a dojang representative will be in touch to reserve a time for your first Taekwondo lesson and to get more detailed information regarding the student. After your first lesson, students are welcome to drop into any of the beginner classes that they qualify for(see below) for up to 2 classes a week. All students under 18 are required to attend their first lesson with a legal parent/guardian. A liability waiver must be completed at the facility before participation.


Our beginner class times are as follows:


-Ages 5 and under:

  - Saturdays @ 10:20 AM


-Ages 5 1/2 to 8:

  -Tuesdays @ 4:00PM

  -Wednesdays @ 4:50 PM

  -Thursdays @ 4:50 PM


-Ages 9 to Adult:

  -Mondays @ 5:40 PM

  -Tuesdays @ 5:40 PM

  -Thursdays @ 7:30 PM


**Offer may not be redeemed by students currently enrolled at KTigers Taekwondo. 

6 Week Introductory Program

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