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Cardio Kickboxing Instructor

Denise Kimm

HIIT Fitness Instructor

Denise has practiced Cardio Kickboxing in the Coeur d'Alene area for the past 17 years, the last 6 of which she has instructed classes for all levels of fitness. Denise retired early from her career as a Registered Nurse to focus on raising her family.  This had the happy consequence of affording her opportunity to pursue her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 

As an RN she worked for 14 years at SHMC in Spokane WA specializing in Cardiac ICU and was involved in the recovery of Open Heart Surgical patients as well as the Heart and Lung Transplantation program. Denise is an avid outdoors person and places great importance on a clean lifestyle and physical fitness for life.  Horseback riding, running, hiking, and skiing are a few of her favorite pastimes.  She believes the pursuit of physical fitness can be fun, social and that hard work always pays off.


Denise believes fitness goals are individualized and strives to provide participants with a physically challenging yet healthy class environment that focuses on proper technique to safely drive you toward your personal fitness goals. Expect a high energy, high-intensity class when you come in to train with Denise!

Coeur d' Alene Cardio Kickboxing Instructor

Buffy Rennie

HIIT Fitness Instructor

Buffy Rennie has been involved in many aspects of fitness and nutritional health for over 35+ years. Her passion for cardio based group fitness classes began in the late 1990s with Tae Bo. Buffy was fortunate enough to live close by and attend the original Tae Bo studio, and after becoming an AFAA certified group fitness trainer, she began teaching different variances of Tae Bo in the Santa Clarita, CA area until she moved out of the area in 2005.


After discovering a local group of ladies training in Cardio Kickboxing and HIIT in the Coeur d' Alene area, Buffy jumped right in and hasn't quit since. "I thought in my 50's I would not be able to successfully transition to these classes, but I was so very wrong! And so glad I am back doing what I love: getting sweaty, healthy and happy with other like-minded beauties!"

Having a passion for proper nutrition and having discovered how nutrition affects every aspect of our lives, Buffy would love to tell you more, so stop by, take a class and JUST ASK!

Hayden, Idaho Kickboxing Instructor

Michelle Hall

HIIT Fitness Instructor

Michelle has been been a practitioner of Cardio Kickboxing for over 16 years and has been teaching classes in the Coeur d' Alene area for over 8 years. Michelle is affectionately called the 'Terminator' behind her back because her classes will kick. your. butt.

When she's not whipping her students into shape during class, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family in the great outdoors skiing, golfing, horseback riding and hiking. 

If you're looking for something to get your heart rate soaring and muscles crying, come in and join her for a class!





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