Serving martial artists in the Coeur d' Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, and Rathdrum area, KTigers Taekwondo offers the most extensive and holistic system of martial arts training for students of taekwondo within the Inland Northwest. Under the leadership of Master Kim, a former director of the prestigious KTigers Demonstration Team, our school is the first official KTigers dojang within the United StatesOur philosophy is simple: provide the best possible taekwondo instruction for our students, contribute to a safe and progressive community, and empower our students with valuable skills that can be utilized in everyday life. 


KTigers Taekwondo teaches the style of taekwondo you find in the Olympics which is governed by the World Taekwondo Federation. At KTigers, our educational objectives of taekwondo are to help our students develop an appreciation of taekwondo as a sport and as an art, learn useful and practical self-defense skills, to achieve and maintain physical fitness, to improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity, and to develop a sense of responsibility for one's self and others. When you earn a black belt with KTigers, you're not just earning any old neighborhood black belt; you'll be earning a black belt that is internationally recognized by the taekwondo and martial arts community. With programs for kids, teens, adults, and our newly launched women's cardio kickboxing classes, our modern curriculum is masterfully interwoven with practical techniques that offer peerless training in martial arts applications.

KTigers has been amazing for my daughter. In addition to learning Taekwondo, she has become more responsible and respectful at home. Master Kim is an excellent teacher and always expects the best from his students. I highly recommend KTigers to everyone!!

Bryanne Thurman

Impressive and inspiring! This experience has helped my kiddo learn to better focus, strengthen his core and balance. It's such a great feeling to watch my guy step into form and perform so fluidly. So proud! I still get watery-eyed every time he breaks that board and accepts his next belt with a bow. The personnel is great to work with and just as impressive as Master Kim. Feeling blessed to have even been a small part of an amazing group.

Melanie Roots

My son Jordan has participated with KTigers for about 7 years...and how we love it!! He has gained so much confidence...he can lead the entire class in warm ups...mentor lower belts...has relied on teamwork...is constantly learning self defense tactics...he continues to learn and achieve higher black belt levels. Master Kim and Juliana are FANTASTIC!

Tami Cummings