Teens and Adults

In our teens and adult class the focus is on self-improvement by challenging both the body and mind. The martial arts are a way of life, and it doesn’t matter what your age or experience level is - anyone can join and benefit from participating in Taekwondo. On the physical side, we strengthen the body with isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Optimum flexibility is progressively developed through a process of safe and low impact stretching techniques. With deep breathing and concentration exercises, we relax the mind and sharpen response time so as to better acclimate ourselves to handling difficult situations more confidently and efficiently.

Effective self defense, meditation, nutrition, flexibility, strength, focus, self-discipline, erasing bad habits and creating healthier, more successful living habits are some of the main areas of emphasis within our adult classes.



The knowledge that you are able to protect yourself  and your loved ones should a life threatening situation arise.